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Meet & Greet!

MEET & GREET” – Your neighbour, the Aim of this function is the LAUNCH of the BISTRO and also for residents to mingle and get to know New and Old Faces on the estate, we would like to open this up to all Residents and Tenants to attend and network

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RUGBY Live on Big Screen Saturday / Braai available @R60 per person,

Bar Open from 4pm – Please Book for catering purposes info@fynbosbistro.co.za

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Halloween @ Stonehurst – don’t miss out!

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Sad news… Albert Dlekedla – “Tiger” to his friends…

Dear Resident

You may have seen him at the gate, or know his voice from the confirmation phone calls. Thandikhaya Albert Dlekedla, known as Albert to us, “Tiger’ to his friends and community where he lived in Westlake Village, passed away on Saturday evening after a short illness.

shift-c-thandikhaya-albert-dlekedla-snr-controllerAlbert has been at Stonehurst for many years on the security Team – he was first with Alexa, then Imvula, then migrated to Mountain Men when we changed service providers, and again to Princeton in our latest change, because we asked that such good officers remain with us – he was definitely part of the Stonehurst “family”

Albert was a remarkable, selfless man who had real empathy for people. He was driving a project in his community at Westlake called “The Big Picture” – Which included a cleanup of the area on Heritage Day last year. You can read about it HERE

It is sadly ironic that days before this year’s Heritage Day, Albert has passed away and his legacy seems not to be fulfilled. Perhaps someone in the Community can take up his vision and continue his project into the future. For now, however, his family and friends are dealing with their loss – our loss.

There will be a memorial service for Albert at the Monday 26th September at 19:00 at Westlake Hall, and residents are welcome to attend. As a community, we are appealing to residents to assist Albert”s family with the costs associated with the loss of a loved one so suddenly. The burial costs are about R11,000 and it costs R800 taxi fare for each family member to go to the Eastern Cape where he will be buried.

Dave Burger from Sothebys Estate Agency has kindly made a donation to the family of R500 and challenges all residents and other property professionals to match or better this.

If you would like to make a contribution of any kind, financial or food parcel (see list below), please drop this off at reception at the Lifestyle Centre by Monday next week, – money in an envelope clearly marked “Albert Memorial” or EFT to Stonehurst Mountain Estate’s account
Nedbank Tokai Acc No. 1043 071 806 with reference : ALBERT

Food Parcels : cooking oil, rice, soya, sugar, peanut butter, tea bags, tinned fish, samp and beans in the food parcels, but you could add jam, Morvite (cereal), long life milk, soap, washing powder, toilet paper.

Thanking you, in anticipation, for your help.

Stonehurst Team

Upcycling of Post Boxes


Do your remember our old post boxes? In the rain and the wind? Well we thought you’d like to see what happened to these after we moved the post boxes to the safe and secure spot in the Lifestyle Centre!











So we decided to donate some of the old boxes to various bird sanctuaries – one set to the World of Birds in Hout Bay and one set to Ferndale Nuseries in Constantia pictured below. They have drilled a hole for the birds to get into the box and fitted a dowel to the former keyhole! A real case of upcycling!


Starlings: Summer is Breeding Season!


Notorious for their damaging, unsightly droppings and lice contamination, Starlings are exceptionally noisy birds, especially when returning to roost in large numbers at dusk. Although Starlings are not present in the Karoo or Kalahari regions, they occur throughout most of South Africa, as well as within some African countries.

The primary species variants in South Africa are the Indian Mynah, present in the KZN region, and the Red Winged Starling predominant in the Cape. Both of these Birds are similar in their characters, in that they are exceptionally aggressive, thinking nothing of attacking humans when we try to “invade” their space. Whilst there are other types of Starling that visit the Cape, most of them are migratory and therefore tend only to spend time in trees whilst on their way to some other destination. However, the Red Winged Starling is here to stay!…. READ MORE

“To be the most dedicated and innovative specialists in the harmless
removal of Pest Bird contamination in South Africa for any structure or
building. By providing experienced, efficient and professional solutions,
services and guaranteed customer satisfaction to clients, we strive to
be your defence against Bird infestation.”

Please visit our website for more info on what we do: www.bds.org.za
Contact us for a *Free Quotation on – Phone: +27 21 797 7788 | E-Mail: info@bds.org.za

*Please note: FREE Quotations apply only to locations within a 40km radius from the centre of the Cape Town CBD. A call-out fee will apply to site visits for quotations to locations beyond 40km from the CBD. Should you accept the quotation, this call-out fee will be credited against the amount Invoiced once the job has been completed.

Take Control of your home’s energy…with our cutting edge technology


Energy Partners Blog post artwork


Link to website contact page www.poweryourself.co.za

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/energypartners/

Twitter page: https://twitter.com/EPHS  @EPHS_SA

Vitality Assessment and Screening Day

vitality-assessment-day Vitality Assessment and Screening Day

As some of you know Stonehurst Gym, is a Discovery Vitality Partner. We currently have an iPad stationed in the Gym whereby Discovery members can claim their Vitality Points.

As an added benefit to all residents, on the 15th October 2016 we have sourced three professionals to put together a Vitality Assessment Day. From 08h00 there will be a Biokineticist, Dietician and Registered Nurse that will be able to conduct the various annual assessments whereby you can boost your points towards your Vitality Status.

While this idea was initially for the Discovery Vitality members, members of other medical aid schemes, including Momentum Multiply, and even non-medical aid members can have these various tests done.

Bookings for all the assessments are essential. Please see below for information on how to book each test.

For further information or queries please contact gym@stonehurstmountainestate.org



The assessment is R265 per person.

People are requested to either pay by credit card or cash, and claim directly from the Medical Aid.

Couples can be seen together.

Bookings can be made by mailing cjmillerbio@gmail.com or calling 0214344009, reference Stonehurst.

Nurse – Health Screening

For Discovery Medical Aid Members the Health Screening is free and Discovery Vitality Members the screening is R275 per person

Momentum Multiply Members and non-medical aid members the screening is R275 per person.

Bookings can be made by mailing cjmillerbio@gmail.com or calling 0214344009, reference Stonehurst.



The Assessment is R340 per person.

People are requested to pay either via Credit Card or Snap Snap.

Bookings can be made either online through http://alexroyaldiet.co.za/make-a-booking or by mailing Kirby Hendricks on k.alexroyaldiet@gmail.com (reference Stonehurst Gym)

ParkScape wins a 7-day reprieve on felling


The logging teams have moved into Tokai Forest, and the trees have started to come down NOW.

Following concerted attempts to engage SANParks, MTO and their legal team, which has seen them fritter away time without any substantive solution, we have decided to confront the logging operation head-on with our lawyers. Together, our legal team and Parkscapes have, through concerted efforts, forced SANParks and MTO to back off from the Dennedal Avenue West area (ie all forested areas on the East side of Orpen Road/Spaanschemacht Road), but only for one week.

The logging will stop in the Dennedal section for one very short week as of 31 August 2016, but will continue regardless in the sections opposite (ie on the West side of Orpen Road/Spaanschemacht Road).


This is therefore only the start of the legal battle – all arguments by SANParks and MTO aside, there is a need to ensure that a proper procedurally fair process is embarked on (and completed!) FIRST before the trees are felled, so that we still can enjoy and use our communal space. Despite pursuing this course of action as fast and efficiently as possible, Tokai forest is still going to be losing trees at a rate of over 100 per hour, day and night.

We are now entering a litigious process – a full on opposed legal battle. We will be in court next Friday (9 September 2016), represented by a junior and senior Advocate, and our Attorney. To fund this next chapter, Parkscape needs funds to pay our legal team, and those funds are urgently needed. We need to be able to show that we have funds to pay the future costs associated with the legal case. Without this, Tokai forest will come down in the first week of Spring as that process is currently happening.

Please urgently donate any funds to our Attorneys’ Trust account:
Account Holder: Slabbert, Venter, Yanoutsos Attorneys
Standard Bank, Fish Hoek
Bank Code: 036009
Acc Nr.: 072 128 542
Reference: Tokai Forest
Email proof of payment to: anton@svy.co.za

Bird Mites: The Facts

Bird Mites are present in a variety of species across the globe, but are essentially tiny, almost microscopic, eight-legged parasites that feed on the blood of common birds, and are capable of rapid mass production.

BirdMitesCarried by birds, and dwelling in great numbers within the nests of these birds, Bird Mites become a problem to humans when Pest Birds are roosting and/or nesting in close proximity to where we live or work. They pose a threat to us following the entry of these Pest Birds into our homes, factories, offices and any other buildings… READ MORE

“To be the most dedicated and innovative specialists in the harmless
removal of Pest Bird contamination in South Africa for any structure or
building. By providing experienced, efficient and professional solutions,
services and guaranteed customer satisfaction to clients, we strive to
be your defence against Bird infestation.”

Take a look at our brand new website: www.bds.org.za
Phone: +27 21 797 7788 | E-Mail: info@bds.org.za

Felling of trees at Tokai

The pines of Lower Tokai , an area managed by SANParks, will be felled by MTO Forestry before the end of this year, with felling most likely commencing as early as September.  This early departure has been driven by SANParks’ actions.

Once the pines (which belong to the forestry company) are felled the visibility, and therefore safety, provided by tall stemmed trees will be lost.  Plans appear to indicate that the entire area will be given over to fynbos – of the sort in which Franziska Blochligher was raped and murdered in March this year.
Bringing fynbos right to the urban edge, will bring with it the accompanying risk of crime and fire.  And it will also result in the loss of critical shaded recreation for many of the surrounding communities.

The felling will also put SANParks in breach of the Tokai Cecilia Management Framework – a document which was toughly negotiated by the public and City with SANParks in 2007 – which specifically provides for shaded recreation on a “transitional” i.e. rotational basis through the ongoing planting of exotic shade trees.

This breach contravenes the  agreements between SANParks and the City, and most critically, SANParks and the public.  SANParks cannot make changes to the area without a full Public Participation Process.  Any deviation is illegal, and specifically as it impacts the public’s Constitutional Rights to well-being, and ratepayers rights to safety and recreation.

It should be noted that while SANParks like to refer to the World Heritage Status that applies to the bulk of Table Mountain National Park, that World Heritage Status does NOT extend to Tokai, Cecilia, Newlands or any areas previously under pines.  To this end, they are disseminating misinformation and deliberately confusing the public into believing that SANParks have carte blanche in the area through UNESCO regulations.

For more information please go to www.parkscape.org.za

If you wish to object to this injustice, as over 2000 people have already done, please sign up to join the database: http://parkscape.us13.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=e9c84d7c53697737ecd7bf5f6&id=096c693dc9

Kind regards
The Parkscape Team

City info on Traffic Fines for Motorists

Indications are that many motorists are finding themselves on the wrong side of the law for misunderstanding fines known as Section 56 notices.

20160829_TrafficFineThe City of Cape Town would like to caution motorists against an increase in warrants of arrest being generated for failure to appear in court – in large part because some motorists appear not to understand the difference between the types of fines issued.


As a result, unsuspecting motorists run the risk of being arrested for unpaid traffic fines.

Traffic enforcement agencies generally issue two types of fines – the Section 341 notice and the Section 56 notice.

A Section 341 notice is issued in circumstances where it is not evident who the driver is, for instance, a parking ticket or an offence captured by means of a camera. For such offences, vehicle owners receive fines in the post. If the fine is not paid, a summons follows with a date to appear in court.

Section 56 notices are issued where an enforcement officer physically stops a motorist and issues the fine. It is primarily used for moving violations that are witnessed by the officer. The Section 56 notice has the option of a fine, which, if not paid is an automatic written notice to appear in court on a date stipulated on the fine. Vehicle owners do not receive notices in the post for Section 56 notices.

‘This is where things have come unstuck, unfortunately. Some motorists are under the misguided impression that they’ll receive a follow up notice in the post and when that doesn’t arrive, they happily carry on with business as usual – until they are stopped at a roadblock or by a member of our roving Automated Number Plate Recognition Unit and discover that there is a warrant out for their arrest. Not only is there the very real risk of arrest and time in a holding cell, but it also means that we are dealing with a pile of warrants that could have been avoided if only the motorist realised that the physical fine that was issued was, in fact, their notice to pay.

‘I have to add that not everyone is necessarily blissfully ignorant; some simply choose to disregard the fine even though they are informed by the officers issuing the ticket of the consequences. I have very little sympathy for this category of motorist, because they are the scofflaws who clearly don’t have any respect for the law and think traffic fines are a joke,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.

In recent years, the City has introduced a number of measures to help expedite the generation and execution of warrants for outstanding traffic fines, including:

  • an agreement with the Sheriffs of the Court to help execute warrants of arrest
  • the introduction of the Admin Mark on eNatis which prevents motorists from renewing their vehicle licence if they have outstanding warrants
  • the introduction of an SMS reminder service to motorists with outstanding fines
  • the introduction of automatic number plate recognition technology in traffic vehicles to trace scofflaws
  • the ramping up of Operation Reclaim, which aims to track down warrant evaders

‘I am compelled to remind members of the public that the issuing of traffic fines is not a revenue-chasing exercise, but the enforcement of national legislation that prescribes how motorists are expected to behave on the roads. We’ve introduced these additional layers to track down errant motorists because when people realise that their actions have consequences, they start modifying their behaviour. We then end up with safer roads and a lower road death toll. Cape Town has already seen results in this regard which spurs us on to hold even more motorists accountable,’ added Alderman Smith.



Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

Media enquiries: Alderman JP Smith, Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, City of Cape Town, Tel: 021 400 1311 or Cell: 083 675 3780, E-mail: jean-pierre.smith@capetown.gov.za (please always copy media.account@capetown.gov.za)


For more information about Traffic Fines please refer to www.westerncape.gov.za/service/traffic-fines-city-cape-town