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Dear Residents

Join us for our next Social Ride event that will take place on Saturday 22 September 2018.  This will be a mountain bike ride.

The Group will meet at the Lifestyle Center at approximately 07h45 and depart at 08h00.

The planned route will take us from the estate towards the Constantia Nek Circle via the Greenbelt where possible. The Group will turn at this point, and continue back along the same route.

We anticipate a steady pace as sections of dirt may be slippery from the predicted rainfall earlier in the week, and the group will be lead by our Zeyd Sulaiman. The route is expected to be approximately 28km long.

Remember that we recommend appropriate sportswear at all times. Please be sure to bring your medical aid card along, in case of emergency.

Be sure to join us for a fantastic range of smoothies, coffee and cake at the Bistro after the ride.

See you there



Stonehurst Gym – Spring Launch Guest Speaker

Hello Residents

As part of our Spring Launch, we have asked a guest speaker to join us. Adrian Penzhorn is a Dietician and founder of Food for Sport and The Performance Kitchen. He will be giving us an informative talk on the following:

  1. Meal Prep
  2. Sportables – fueling with food
  3. Pre-event nutrition – why, how and when

Adrian will also be doing Personalised Nutrition and Bespoke Assessments. As an add on to personalising nutrition, he will have available Sweat Sodium Testing and a Fuel Test on the treadmill. After either test a personalised report will be developed.

The sweat sodium test is 15 minutes and provides the salt level of an individual’s sweat to ensure hydration strategies are in line with losses. This is a once off test, as knowing your salt needs will not change much through your life.

Fuel use during exercise is assessed on the treadmill through a submaximal test lasting 30-40 minutes. After a brief warm up the test will start at a walking pace and increase gradually every few minutes. We will highlight zones where the body burns it’s most fat and where carbohydrate use becomes more crucial.

The cost of these is R1150 each.

Should you require more information or wish to make a booking for either of the above tests for Saturday, email gym@stonehurstmountainestate.org. We look forward to having Adrian here, and hope you will join us to learn more about his field of expertise.

Stonehurst Gym – Spring Launch!

Hello Residents

Our Spring Launch will be held this Saturday, 15 September 2018.Join us for a fun, informative day.

All tenants and services available in the Lifestyle Centre will be showcasing their specialties. We also look forward to hosting dietician, Adrian Penzhorn, from Food for Sport and The Performance Kitchen, as well as a few other guests.

The Bistro will be open for delicious eats and treats. Seven945 Active Wear will be on sale, as well as a Fresh Juice Bar.

The programme for the day is as follows:

07:45 – Family Fun Run/Walk

08:30 – Welcome and Introductions

08:45 – What is Biokinetics? (Alex – Biokineticist)

09:00 – Injury Prevention Talk (Jodi & Amy – Physios)

09:15 – H.I.T Demo (Nicole – PT)

09:30 – 6week Strength Programme Talk (Bradley – PT)

10:00 – Guest Speaker: Food for Sport (Adrian Penzhorn – Dietician)

11:00 – Karate Demonstration (Tatsu – Instructor)

ALL DAY: Pilates, Yoga, Ballet and Swimming Demonstrations. Delicious eats and treats available from the Bistro. SEVEN945 Active Wear on sale.


For more information, please email gym@stonehurstmountainestate.org. See you there!

Stonehurst Aqua Aerobics

Hello Residents

We are excited to provide you our latest service on offer: AQUA AEROBICS!

Aqua aerobics will take place in the Stonehurst Gym Pool every Wednesday from 8-8:45am. This class is free of charge to residents.

Aqua aerobics builds one’s cardiovascular fitness, muscsulo-skeletal strength and exercise endurance, all while being easy on the joints. Due to the non-weight bearing nature of the exercise, it is brilliant for injury prevention. It has been known to increase metabolic rate and the resistance of the water provides a challenging workout for all ages and stages of life.

With all these benefits, we hope to see you in our classes soon! For more information or to book your place, email gym@stonehurstmountainestate.org



Stonehurst Gym – Book your biokineticist today

Hello Residents

We are excited to introduce our on-site Biokineticist: Alex.

About Alex:

Alex has special interest in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of a wide range of injuries, as well as Chronic Conditions in children and the elderly. She is also a qualified NeuroNet Learning SA therapist.

She is passionate about people and their well-being and strives to improve the quality of life of those who cross her path. As an ex-provincial rower and a keen runner, she enjoys any adventure and challenge, whether it be work, sport or socially related. Her goal is to use the skills she has been given to help those who need what she has to offer.

About Biokinetics:

Biokinetics is the science of movement and the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment or performance. It can help you with the following:

  • PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF ORTHOPEDIC CONDITIONS: rehabilitation of back, neck, knee, shoulder, ankle injuries, etc.
  • PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF CHRONIC CONDITIONS: cardiac conditions, arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, etc
  • EXERCISE TESTING AND REHABILITATION FOR ATHLETES: agility, endurance, speed, power, strength or reaction times
  • DISCOVERY VITALITY AND MOMENTUM MULTIPLY FITNESS ASSESSMENTFor more information, or to make a booking, please email gym@stonehurstmountainestate.org

Stonehurst Gym – Join us for a spin…

Stonehurst Gym Spring Fun Run Sat 1 September

Hello Residents

Due to the great turnout for out previous Fun Run, we are hosting our second edition this Saturday, 1 September: Spring Fun Run! This will be a 5km run within Stonehurst Mountain Estate and will take place on Saturday at 8am.

This to give our runners and walkers the opportunity to exercise at a speed that suits them best. It is a great way to meet other residents and get in some exercise before the weekend begins. It is suitable for all ages and stages!

This run is FREE OF CHARGE to residents. For more information, please email running@stonehurstmountainestate.org.


We look forward to you joining us for a fun morning out.

Stonehurst Gym – Spring into Shape with Bradley

Hello Residents

We all know that the gym can be a very intimidating facility, especially for someone that has never set foot in one before. It is a facility filled with machines, weights and other apparatus that can seem almost impossible to operate at first glance.

You might find that you’re a regular member of the gym but you have been stuck doing the same routine for months and in some cases, years, relying heavily on cardiovascular equipment such as the treadmill and bicycle. You’ve never gone near the strength training section because of the myths that surround it.

Strength training is a key component in exercise as it:

  • Protects bone health and muscle mass
  • Helps you develop better body mechanics
  • Can help with chronic disease management
  • Boost energy levels and improve mood

Introducing a 6-week introductory strength training programme, run by Bradley, that will help you increase strength, mobility, flexibility, build your confidence in the gym and set realistic short and long term fitness goals.

Join him on a 6-week journey to make strength training apart of your lifestyle.

For more information or to sign up for this programme, contact bradleyscholtz89@gmail.com







Moms &Tots Market 30 August 2018

A reminder of our Moms and Tots Market on the 30 August 2018.

Please kindly email Michelle on functions@stonehurstmountainestate.org   for further info or alternatively contact Imari on 072 380 2295 for banking details.

This is bound to be a great morning connecting with new moms and their tots.

R40 entrance ticket goes towards the soft play area for the kids and you are welcome to join anytime from 10.30am onwards.

Some lovely vendors with fun stuff for your kids will participate in this first time event.

Kid’s Movie Night & Seafood Affair

Stonehurst @thelounge Kid’s Night out is Mom’s Night Off.

Join us in the Lifestyle lounge 24 August 2018 for the Kid’s movie Coco, let the kids socialise while you join us in the Lounge for a Seafood Affair. Oysters / Mussels / Prawns / Duck are all on the menu at Club prices.

Booking essential. functions@stonehurstmountainestate.org

Stonehurst Functions – Shades of the Shadows 15 Sept – BOOK NOW!

Bookings now open for Shades of the Shadows 15 September 2018.

R50 buys you a night of fun. Food menu TBC.

Join us for a night of singing, dancing, eating and nostalgia.

Please reserve your space by emailing Alisa on reception@stonehurstmountainestate.org


Dear Residents

Please note that Stonehurst Gym will be used for the filming of a commercial on Thursday, 23 August 2018.

This will take place between 10am and 4pm. The facility will still be open to members, however certain areas will be in use by the crew.


We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.