Stonehurst Security Notice

Dear Resident / Community of Stonehurst

The Board of Trustees have considered a variety of further measures, in addition to the security measures already in place, that could be employed to mitigate the instances of opportunistic theft and attempted intrusions to private homes that have taken place sporadically over the past few months at Stonehurst.

Many interesting and useful suggestions have also been made by residents, the Trustees, Security consultants and Management; such as the searching of vehicles, fingerprinting, ‘sting’ operations and the like. While many of these would indeed reduce the likelihood of theft opportunities, none are likely to be fail safe, some are loaded with potential liability for the Owners Association and a number are considered somewhat Draconian or unlawful.

The challenge of ensuring a reasonable level of security needs always to be balanced with the degree of inconvenience to residents and their guests, and some of the suggestions would seriously compromise the comfort and possibly even the dignity of visitors and residents.

The Board has therefore chosen to employ the following measures, as a starting point, to try to reduce the risk, with the minimum of inconvenience to law-abiding members of our community:

  • There will be mobile infra-red cameras deployed in strategic common areas, as well as private properties with the owners’ permission, to possibly pick up unauthorized activities at night. Privacy will not be compromised and no cameras will be allowed to view, or be on private property without that owner / residents’ permission. Based on the findings further investigations may be likely and possibly even culprits apprehended
  • A R20 000 reward is being offered by the Estate for verifiable information leading to the apprehension, successful prosecution and conviction of the perpetrator(s) of these opportunistic thefts
  • The Board wishes it noted that any apprehension or arrest of persons on the Estate, who are suspected of committing an unlawful act, will result in full prosecution, and such a charge brought against these perpetrators by the Owners’ Association will not be relaxed or mitigated for any reason.

The Board of Trustees feels that this approach should provide sufficient impetus to find the culprit, or at least reduce the possibility of further unlawful activity by said individual(s)

We therefore also respectfully request your support, to assist our Community to find and remove these nefarious individuals from our midst. Please circulate the above information to your entire household / staff in the case of service providers and contractors, to ensure that our entire community is appraised of these measures.

Please report any suspicious activity immediately to Security on 021 7024242 and feel free to copy a security helpdesk ticket to to ensure that Estate Management and the Trustees have sight of your concerns.

You are also welcome to report your concerns/ suspicions directly to any Trustee, and your anonymity can remain preserved.

Thank you
Glynis Coetzee
Estate Manager

Stonehurst Gym Complimentary Fitness Assessment

Dear Residents

We are excited to announce that the Personal Trainers at Stonehurst Gym are now offering Complimentary Fitness Assessments. This is a great opportunity to track your progress.

This service is available to all Stonehurst Mountain Estate residents and includes assessment of the following:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Composition
  • Flexibility
  • Fitness Levels

For more information, contact We hope to see you soon

Stonehurst Gym Run Club – Trail Run SAT 4 AUG

Dear Residents

We are looking forward to our next Social Run Club which will be in the form of a trail run on Saturday, 4 August 2018.

The Group will meet at the Lifestyle Center at approximately 07h45 and depart at 08h00.

The planned route will take us from the estate along Boyes Drive for a short while, followed by a right turn up into the Silvermine Mountain. The group will follow a trail alon the mountain which will lead to Ou Kaapse Weg, Steenberg Road and home.

It will be a varying pace as it is a hiking trail and there will some slow sections, walking and some fast sections. The group will be lead by our Ghieyaath Temoore. The route is expected to be approximately 13km long hence a fair level of fitness and running experience would be recommended for this run.

Remember that we recommend appropriate sportswear at all times. Please bring your medical aid card along with you for the run, in case of emergency.

Be sure to pop into the Bistro afterwards for a delicious coffee or breakfast.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Stonehurst Functions – “Nanny & Me” Baby Workshops

Wednesday 1st August 2018. 12pm – 1pm

Nanny and Me will be running a free workshop for your Nanny and baby 1-3 years  of age.

We require a minimum of 6 participants to get this going with a maximum of 10.

Should this go well weekly sessions for 6 week periods will be on offer.

All enquiries to Michelle –

SECURITY ALERT : Uber PRE-Confirmations now REQUIRED

Please always confirm your expected Uber with our Security by calling 0217024242 if you have ordered an Uber, or pre-confirm on

Unfortunately due to regular errors by Uber drivers & the app causing incorrect addresses to be called and disturbance of the wrong residents, NO CONFIRMATION CALLS will be done for Uber arriving at our gate, so please PRE-CONFIRM if you have called one to avoid unnecessary delays.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our Estate safe & secure and to be considerate of your neighbours


Stonehurst Gym – Biokinetics and Wellness Testing


Dear Residents


We are excited to announce that we have a full time Biokineticist on site.


Biokinetics can assist with the following:


  • Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply Fitness Assessments
  • Prevention and Treatment of Orthopedic Conditions: rehabilitation of back, neck, knee, shoulder, ankle injuries, etc.
  • Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Conditions: cardiac conditions, arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, etc
  • Exercise Testing and Rehabilitation for Athletes: agility, endurance, speed, power and strength training

For all your Biokinetics needs, as well as any Wellness Testing bookings, please contact Alex via email to

We hope to see you soon.


Stonehurst Gym Run Club 3


Dear Residents

We are pleased to announce that our next Social Run event will take place on Saturday 21 June 2018.

The Group will meet at the Lifestyle Center at approximately 07h45 and depart at 08h00.

The planned route will take us from the estate along Main Road for a nice flat run to Muizenberg. This is where the hills start, as we will turn to take Boyes Drive back to Stonehurst Mountain Estate.

We anticipate a pace of approximately 6min/km, and the group will be lead by our Ghieyaath Temoore. The route is expected to be approximately 11.5km long hence a fair level of fitness and running experience would be recommended for this run.

Remember that we recommend appropriate sportswear at all times. Please bring your medical aid card along with you for the run, in case of emergency.


Be sure to join us for a fantastic range of smoothies, coffee and cake at the Bistro after the run.

See you there



Stonehurst Estate Water Delivery – New Tariffs 2018

Dear Resident

Please find below, the approved new tariff structure for the delivery of water, per volume usage, will be implemented as from the monthly reading taken on 10 August 2018 (usage as from 10 July 2018) onward, until further notice. Please note – the Estate does not sell water, but applies the tariff to the the service and delivery of the water to your property, based on the volume of water delivered.

We are budgeting for maximum usage per household of 15kl / month / property in order to make the system sustainable. Please adhere to this limit or below


Stonehurst Swim School – WINTER CAMP

Dear Residents

We are pleased to offer you a great winter special in our first ever Holiday Camp between 02 July 2018 and 06 July 2018.

Take 5 slots of 15 minutes for only R375.00, or choose 5 slots of 30 minutes for only R750.00

This is great value for money, and our heated indoor swimming pool should help drive away the winter chills rapidly. Please email to book your sessions or for more information in this regard.

See you there


Stonehurst Gym – Group Training UPDATE

DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE Weekly Aerboics Timetable – SME updated

Dear Residents

We have made some minor adjustments to our Weekly Group Exercise timetable in our efforts to maintain a quality and accessible service to you.

You will note that the first session of the day has moved to 07h00, which we believe is easier for more residents to access.

We endeavor to accommodate the majority in all our services, so please do send us your feedback to, and remember that all classes indicated on our timetable are provided to residents of the estate FREE OF CHARGE

We hope to see you soon


Stonehurst Gym – Aerobics Expansion!

Dear Residents

We are pleased to announce that due to popular demand, our Weekly Aerobics Timetable is expanding to include additional Spinning Classes for those residents that prefer a sweat session in the morning.

Spaces are limited, so please reserve your spinning bike in advance by sending an email to

The Outdoor Group Training activities will now also become a more regular feature, with either a Run or Ride taking place each weekend. We also plan to expand this further in the near future to include Mountain Biking and Trail Running as part of our offering.

Unfortunately these are weather dependent so please bear with us should we need to cancel or postpone these activities in the interests of your comfort and safety.

All classes indicated on our timetable are FREE OF CHARGE to residents, so do take advantage of these fantastic services.

Your feedback is valuable, so please send us any compliments or complaints to and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

See you soon,