Energy Partners – Solar Energy Solutions already in use at Lifestyle Centre

Property 24 Article We are in winter and temperatures are dropping. Make sure your electricity bill also stay low. Start with these cool tips on how to save this winter from @energypartners High Tech Thinking Did you know that … Continue reading

Own an SME? Here are three tax perks of going solar.

In South Africa, we realise the importance of nurturing SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises): They play a vital role in developing our growing economy, creating much-needed jobs and driving innovation. At the same time, as the proverbial small fish in … Continue reading

Bird Deterrent Specialists

Visit our website here: The All New Bird Barrier Range! With gutters and roof cavities making for very attractive pest bird nesting and roosting opportunities, a robust deterrent is an absolute necessity. Well, we have the solution! – Introducing … Continue reading

Energy Partners : The REAL cost of Going off the Grid

Although we haven’t experienced loadshedding for some months, South Africans are still on guard against possible power cuts and the looming threat of grid failure. Recently, Eskom once again demonstrated their lack of planning when it came to light that … Continue reading

Fibre to the Home – When am I getting mine??

So we have had many questions about the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) actual roll out to your homes. Here is the basic plan as it stands: DUCTing Team A will start of Monday the 27th.March 2017 Section A,B,C will … Continue reading

Energy Partners Home Solutions – 6 most power-hungry appliances

Make your home leaner on electricity. Here are six of the most power-hungry appliances in your home. Sustainability is a core value that we all share. By using less electricity in our homes, we can all contribute to lowering our … Continue reading

Energy Partners – Your future partner to power yourself

South Africa is one of the countries with the highest potential for solar energy generation in the world, with approximately 2 500 hours of sunshine per year. Yet there is still a relatively small percentage of the country’s residents who … Continue reading

“Walkies” service for your pets now available in Tokai…

We have started Walkies in Tokai ! If anyone is interested in their dogs having an hour of hearty play time with other furry friends in the Tokai Forest, Alphen Trail and the like – please get in touch with … Continue reading

Fibre to the Home [FTTH] – Presentation & ISP Info

Dear Residents For those of you that could not attend the Fibre To The Home launch evening last week, please find the Teralink presentation at this link : FTTH Presentation STONEHURST January 2017 PMC Below is the contact details for … Continue reading

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) – Launch Event Thursday 2 Feb 2017

Dear Resident / Owner As you may be aware, the roll out of the Fibre To The Home (FTTH) system by Teralink is in full swing and we hope to have the full system available for homeowners to link to … Continue reading

Starlings: Summer is Breeding Season!

Notorious for their damaging, unsightly droppings and lice contamination, Starlings are exceptionally noisy birds, especially when returning to roost in large numbers at dusk. Although Starlings are not present in the Karoo or Kalahari regions, they occur throughout most of … Continue reading