Water Restrictions – What does Level 3B mean to you…

The City of Cape Town has approved Level 3B Water Restrictions, effective from 01-02-2017 until further notice. RESTRICTIONS APPLICABLE TO ALL CUSTOMERS  Watering/irrigation (with municipal drinking water) of flower beds, lawns, vegetables and other plants, sports fields, parks and … Continue reading

The Problem with Sparrows

The Problem With Sparrows Sparrows are common problem birds, causing damage to many structures and finishes where they are found. Extremely noisy and highly adaptive pests, Sparrows are considered to be one of the most notorious urban Pest Birds, often … Continue reading

Borehole Watering

Dear Resident As you are aware we have been slowly rolling out the pilot project over the last year, to provide residents with borehole irrigation water from the Estate’s borehole water supply. There have been a number of disruptions to … Continue reading

Starlings: Summer is Breeding Season!

Notorious for their damaging, unsightly droppings and lice contamination, Starlings are exceptionally noisy birds, especially when returning to roost in large numbers at dusk. Although Starlings are not present in the Karoo or Kalahari regions, they occur throughout most of … Continue reading

Bird Mites: The Facts

Bird Mites are present in a variety of species across the globe, but are essentially tiny, almost microscopic, eight-legged parasites that feed on the blood of common birds, and are capable of rapid mass production. Carried by birds, and dwelling … Continue reading

Intebe Landscaping

Intebe Landscaping has new uniforms. Our sincere thanks to Kobus and his team for keeping our estate looking so beautiful.

Stonehurst & ticks… Useful info

Residents may have noted that at certain times of the year, especially in spring and early summer, there is a proliferation of ticks on the plants and foliage. You may find also that your pets have more exposure to ticks. … Continue reading

Spring… (achoo!) has sprung..

Spring begins on the Vernal Equinox. This is the point at which the sun is directly over the equator. The Northern Hemisphere begins to get more sun than the Southern Hemisphere. Because of the lopsided nature of the Earth’s orbit, … Continue reading

Projects – New Reservoir for Irrigation Water

Work has commenced on the Reservoir #2 Project, part of the medium term irrigation water project. This new reservoir is destined to be erected in the far South West corner of the Estate, in the Private Open Space adjacent to … Continue reading

Landscape Projects – Water Feature Update

Residents may have noticed that the water feature has now been planted with a variety of water plants. We were assisted by Pierre of Riverside Aquatics, who was very concerned that the lilies got to water as quickly as possible … Continue reading

Landscape Projects : Water Feature

The waterfall and water feature at the entrance on Stonehurst Boulevard is being ‘revamped’ in that we feel that the feature could be much more ‘alive’. In order to keep the ponds perfectly clean and free of algae previously, we … Continue reading