Stonehurst Gym Running Club – 26 May 2018

Dear Residents We are pleased to announce that our next Social Run event will take place on Saturday 26 May 2018. The Group will meet at the Lifestyle Center at approximately 06h45 and depart at 07h00. The planned route will … Continue reading

Wellness Day @ Stonehurst Gym

                            Dear Residents We are hosting a Wellness Day at the Lifestyle Center on 26 May 2018. You will be able to complete your medical aid Fitness … Continue reading

Responsible pet Owners…

Pets off leash is not permitted on Stonehurst no matter how well trained you believe your dog to be… Please be part of our community – and pick up your dogs poo ! Thank you

Stonehurst Borehole Connection List – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

Dear Resident We have had a considerable number of new borehole water connection applications in the last few weeks, understandably in light of the impending water shortages. Below is the connection list, roughly in the order in which you will … Continue reading

Stonehurst Borehole Water Supply – LEGAL CONNECTION

Once your borehole connection to a meter has been completed by the Estate’s contractor, it is then your responsibility to make the connection from that meter to your irrigation or, if you elect to do so, to provide an alternative … Continue reading

CoCT -FAQs: Drought charge

What is the drought charge? Due to the drought crisis, so many Capetonians have restricted their water use to help save water. It has been a superb effort. It has however also resulted that the City is not receiving the … Continue reading

Level 6 Water Restriction : Effective 1 Jan 2018

ALERT : Level 6 CoCT water restrictions – Effective 1 January 2018 Western Cape Provincial Gazette 7850 1 December 2017 CITY OF CAPE TOWN PUBLIC NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 36(1) OF THE CITY OF CAPE TOWN WATER BY-LAW, 2010 … Continue reading