Bird Deterrent Specialists

Visit our website here: The All New Bird Barrier Range! With gutters and roof cavities making for very attractive pest bird nesting and roosting opportunities, a robust deterrent is an absolute necessity. Well, we have the solution! – Introducing … Continue reading

The Moral Cost of Cats

From A bird-loving scientist calls for an end to outdoor cats “once and for all” Pete Marra is haunted by cats. He sees them everywhere: slinking down alleys, crouched under porches, glaring at him out of wild, starved eyes. … Continue reading

Bird Mites: The Facts

Bird Mites are present in a variety of species across the globe, but are essentially tiny, almost microscopic, eight-legged parasites that feed on the blood of common birds, and are capable of rapid mass production. Carried by birds, and dwelling … Continue reading

Stonehurst & ticks… Useful info

Residents may have noted that at certain times of the year, especially in spring and early summer, there is a proliferation of ticks on the plants and foliage. You may find also that your pets have more exposure to ticks. … Continue reading

We love our fauna (like the snakes), but….

BY ALISA DAVIDS (RECEPTION & ADMIN) Let us live in harmony with the creatures on our Estate. Do do this, arm yourself with knowledge… We have published a snake article before, but just in case you need a refresher… GROUND … Continue reading

Stonehurst’s Beautiful Birds (by Alisa Davids)

Looking out on to the Estate here are a few beautiful creatures that you can see or maybe even run into. The Black Eagle pair   Description: Black Eagles are, as their names indicate, almost entirely black. They have a yellow … Continue reading


We are blessed at Stonehurst to have such an increasing diversity of wild-life making our estate their home. I have always been interested in the different sun-birds that have made our estate their habitat from the time that Debbie and … Continue reading

Healing after the Fire – Alisa Davids

Alisa, our receptionist and admin assistant, put together the following report for the blog, some four months after the events. The fire started on 1 March 2015, and was contained, but flared up again just after 02:00 on 2 March, … Continue reading

A BOOMSLANG IN MY GARDEN – Debbie Calmeyer shares her story

On a Sunday, about two weeks ago, I was working in the garden and as I walked past a flower bed under our bathroom window, I noticed a long, narrow thing moving amongst the foliage. I knew immediately that it … Continue reading


Over the past two weekends I have been out for exhilarating runs around Stonehurst. Last Saturday the weather was exquisite, calm and cloudless, while the following day a gentle mist blanketed the Estate creating a totally different magical atmosphere. I … Continue reading


Joan Cockcroft’s story:  On Sunday night our dog barked furiously several times – I could tell that he clearly saw or heard something out of the ordinary. The next morning Athol spotted this large baboon at the foot of the … Continue reading


Following the Trustee Meeting last week, our Estate Manager: Glynis Coetzee, rescued this beautiful little Western Leopard Toad, from the Lifestyle Centre car park. She carefully released it into the riverine area near the Lifestyle Centre. The Western Cape is … Continue reading