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South Africa is one of the countries with the highest potential for solar energy generation in the world, with approximately 2 500 hours of sunshine per year. Yet there is still a relatively small percentage of the country’s residents who are actually taking advantage of this low-cost alternative.

The national energy crises, however continues to raise awareness among more and more consumers. Nationwide demand for alternative energy solutions is increasing and home solar energy is growing in popularity.

South Africa is likely to see above inflation increases in electricity prices over the next eight years, with some conservative estimates placing the rise in tariffs at between 6% and 8% year-on-year.

Energy Partners, a local energy solutions provider owned by PSG, has been helping South African businesses power themselves for years. Stonehurst residents are in fact already familiar with our work. Energy Partners is the service provider behind Stonehurst Estate Lifestyle Centre’s recently installed solar heating solution.



Image1: The Energy Partners Home Solutions Installation at the Stonehurst Mountain Estate Lifestyle Centre

Now, Energy Partners Home Solutions is doing the same for homeowners, using cutting-edge energy solutions   to help them become energy-independent, minimise their carbon footprint and save more than 50% on electricity. Upgrading a home with energy efficient lighting and water heating can cost as little as R30 000 and reduce a home’s electricity consumption by about 30%.

A full solution, such as the Energy Partners Home Solutions ICON system (that includes efficiency, renewable generation and backup), can reduce a home’s reliance on the grid by 70% to 80%. Of course the energy savings that you, the homeowner, can achieve is affected by factors such as the complexity of the installation, the type of roof your house has, and whether you simply want a photovoltaic and inverter solution, or a full installation including a battery, water heater and LED lighting.

Of course, the only thing holding the smart homeowner back, is the price. Any quality home solar solution is still prohibitively expensive for most homeowners, with the cost ranging between R100 000 and R180 000.

Energy Partners took this into account when looking into the affordability of the ICON Energy Hub, which is an all-in-one solution for storing and using solar energy in the home.

We have developed our own financing options for the system and we are an approved credit provider under the National Credit Act (NCA). Energy Partners has also developed a long term lease model, where you can simply lease the system instead of having to pay for it upfront. Clients that qualify under certain criteria will also be eligible for this Performance Lease Agreement (PLA).  If you would like to know which of these will suit you better, please do not hesitate to contact us at

You can also leave your details on our Contact page and we will make contact with you. Alternatively, you can call us at 0861 000 606.

These alternative financial options have increased the sales of the Energy Partners Home Solutions ICON system substantially over recent months. Close to 100 solutions have been sold, along with a large order by the Val de Vie Estate in the Western Cape for an internal development currently in construction phase.

After all this, Energy Partners has done extensive research on the systems that we have installed in South Africa in recent years. Below is a prime example of what a solar solution can do for your home.


Pictured is the Stonehurst Estate Lifestyle Centre’s energy consumption throughout the month of January 2017. The red bars indicate the Centre’s total energy consumption per day while the overlaid green bars indicate the amount contributed by the Centre’s solar installation.


A daily breakdown of the Centre’s energy footprint reveals the peak production hours for the solar solution.

Whether you are a large or moderate energy consumer, have a single or three-phase connection, Energy Partners Home Solutions provides efficient, modular solutions that can be combined to suit your energy needs and pocket.

For a no-obligation consultation with one of our highly experienced energy consultants and to how much  you can save on your energy bill while increasing the value of your home as well as fulfilling your responsibility to the environment, contact Energy Partners Home Solutions on 0861 000 606 and make sure to mention that you are a Stonehurst resident. For more information, visit

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