Fibre To The Home – Where they are with the roll-out…

The Fibre To the Home (FTTH) roll out has been rather slower than hoped, and has had its challenges, with there being many more conduit blockages than originally anticipated by the Teralink team.

Here is a link to a document showing every property and what the connection status is:


You can click on the tabs to locate your property.

There has been some difficulty for the team to get access to homes at convenient times to residents, in order to do the link installation.

Residents are urgently requested to set up an appointment by emailing to facilitate access.


One thought on “Fibre To The Home – Where they are with the roll-out…

  1. For info – the spreadsheet shows 104 to have a blocked conduit. This is not correct – after much pushing of Teralink I managed to get them to site as well as my electrician. The guys worked together and the ‘blocked conduit’ problem was overcome. Installation has been done. As far as I know Teralink have not cabled in the road / manhole on the outside and once this has been done they’ll do a final check of the installation

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