How many Seabirds did you kill last year with your Empty Plastic Bottles?

Thanks to Chris Brewer for this article on recycling – although written with tongue in cheek, this is a serious business and we should all take responsibility to recycle.  If the clear plastic bags have not been delivered to your home, it’s because you are not recycling!!! Please pop down to the Lifestyle Centre and ask Estelle to give you a supply and start recycling!!!!!

Take a read of what Chris has to say….

“To be honest with you, I’ve never been all that enthusiastic about recycling. I mean I always associated it with bossy, overweight women who went around hugging trees.

Anyway, what damage can my couple of soft drink bottles and plastic bags do to damage the planet?

Then I saw a baby dolphin tangled up in a plastic supermarket bag.

That might have been the plastic bag I threw out in the garbage a month ago – it could just as easily have been yours.

Over one million seabirds are killed by plastic every year.

How many seabirds did I kill last year with my empty plastic bottles? How many did you choke to death?

It was then that I realised that we’ve got to stop doing this. It’s not debatable. We’ve got to stop all this destruction – and it starts with you and me.

Fortunately, on Stonehurst, we have a service called “Wasteman” and they collect our recyclable rubbish every Monday morning. If you’re in any doubt what this is then you can find a list elsewhere in this blog, but essentially it means “dry” rubbish like plastic, glass, paper – you know the sort of thing.

What happens to your bag of rubbish is that it’s taken to a sorting shed where everything is separated and put into the recycling industry.

If we didn’t have Wasteman you’d have to use up to between 3 and 5 separate bags if you wanted to do a decent recycling job. So we can put everything together in one bag. It couldn’t be easier.

But it gets better! Although we pay Wasteman a fee to do this job (it’s in the levy you pay) for every bag they collect they give us money back! They share their profits with us! How cool is that?

So why is it then, that when I walk around the Estate I see quite a number of houses with pathetically small amounts of recycling? It looks like it’s just yesterdays milk carton and last night’s pizza boxes. I don’t understand it because I regularly fill two of those giant plastic bags. (Maybe it’s all the wine bottles).

You can do better than this. You know you can.

And if you do, and if you’re lucky enough to see a dolphin up close you can look him in the eye and smile, knowing you’ve done him no harm. He’ll smile back because he likes you and he doesn’t know it’s you fouling up his ocean.”


One thought on “How many Seabirds did you kill last year with your Empty Plastic Bottles?

  1. Well done Chris. Although done in your usual tongue-in-cheek style the article is extremely apt and thought provoking. I fully back your call for us all to do our bit for the environment by recycling and supporting the Wasteman project.

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