New Swimming Instructors at Stonehurst Gym

New Swimming Instructors at Stonehurst Gym

I would like to introduce to you Azaria Payne and Joanne Du Plessis, who in addition to boasting years of experience, complement each other excellently as a team.

Azaria is a qualified pre-school teacher with 9 years of experience, and a further 4 years working as a swimming instructor. She has strong qualities of patience and diligence and prefers working with children, including babies, up until the age of 6 years. Her ideology is children should have fun learning in and out of the water and that will aide their progression.

Joanne is a swimming coach with 6 years of experience. Despite being a little more assertive and stricter, she is compassionate and children grow towards her kindness. Jo prefers working with children from the age of 6 and up, and aims to develop a child’s confidence and ability fast. Her preference is to do learn to swim stroke correction, along with squad a fitness training which is where her passion and experience lie.

Subsequently, Azaria is going to focus on individual Learn to Swim (LTS) lessons and beginner strokes of children up until age 6, as well as either group or individual baby classes. She also has the ability with those who have special needs, and enjoys helping children overcome their fear of water and swimming.

Joanne is going to focus on children older than 6, and those who already have basic stroke skills. She will be teaching individual LTS stroke correction, and in addition coach squads in the afternoon focussing on fitness and stroke correction. She is also happy to coach adult stroke correction, and fitness and strength training, ranging from general fitness to triathlon training either individually or as a squad.

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