CALL TO ACTION! : OBJECT TO Electrical Depot : Rezoning Proposal Application Number 70268371

Dear Resident


A participatory democracy is meant to be one in which inputs from the people are taken seriously in the decision-making process.  Unfortunately, across Cape Town,  we see the City doing little to take all affected parties into consideration when pushing through developments.

Now we at Stonehurst – and in the surrounding community – are to be directly affected by the City’s plans for Erf 13372 Constantia at Westlake – otherwise known to the community as The Bee Farm.

In order to ensure our rights as citizens and ratepayers of the City of Cape Town are protected, we encourage you to lodge an objection to the proposed Subdivision and Rezoning of Erf 13372 Constantia READ HOW HERE 201708_RezoningErf13372_LetterToResidents

It is critical that each objection is lodged independently with the relevant authority, and that these appear to be unique objections (rather than grouped as one objection). To this end please read the attached information sheet carefully and action by lodging your personal objection. Email to and copy in

You can also give us the hard copy to lodge for you (please get it to us by the end of next week Friday 11 August 2017)


Amended Motivation Report 11 May

Amended Subdivision Plan 11 May

Re-ad notice to a person

Sketch plan of what the new intersection will actually look like, rather the applicants erroneous depiction

Amended objection from the HOA 2017_RezoningBeeFarm_ObjectionMotivation_Master

We also strongly encourage you to send this communication on to anyone you may know who lives in the area, or has reason or even just the interest to comment. This is not just about Stonehurst, but about the City pushing through developments against the will of the people. This proposal  is just one of many instances where the public participation process seems to be viewed by the City as a mere triviality, not to be taken seriously.  There has been no meaningful engagement regarding this project and the City appears hell bent on pushing through the development, just as it is trying to do in so many other areas.

We no longer live under the old apartheid regime, we live in a participatory democracy.  It is bad enough that we see the corruption we do in state leadership, now, it seems we face the same at a local level where our elected leaders are doing little, if anything, to protect our interests.

To change this we must to stand together to ensure the voices of the people and communities are heard!


Please lodge your objection before 14 August 2017.


For other information on this and related matters please see:

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