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Resident has some suggestions on supporting a loved one…



This is an issue very close to many of our hearts and most of us would think that talking or intervention would be the most powerful approach.  To me, it seemed to be the only way that I could actually ‘do something’. But would it be the right something??

Sometimes, intervention is a good and very effective step to take but if the person is not willing to hear, then the result is almost always a severe breakdown in relationship.

And how can we be of any help if we are not allowed into the person’s life?

So I did some surfing on the net, to see what the advice I could gather.  I read articles and stories from both Godly and secular sources and I feel that I have a much better understanding on the subject – in fact I feel freed from my self-imposed responsibility to ‘fix it’ and freed into just having a true and loving relationship with this person.

It’s difficult to stand by and watch the people we love make choices that we believe are not good for them.

It is our love for them that makes us care about them …that makes us concerned for them and makes us hurt for them because we know that they will almost certainly reap bad results from their choices.

But we have no right to force our choices on anyone else – unless they would like to know what we think.

If someone is opening up to you and telling you about the choices that they are making or the things that they are doing, but NOT asking you for advice, then the very best thing that you could say to them would be something like this …” I love you and I want your life to work out well.  If this is what you feel is right for you, then I am praying that it all works out for you.”

It won’t help to be critical or judgemental.  We need to keep the communication open so that that they feel that they can come to us if they get to a point where they see that they have made a bad mistake.  They may never choose to see it but we can only help if we are alongside them.

Navigating how we deal with loved ones who are continually making bad choices, is one of the most challenging things that we will face in our lives.  But the reality is that we live in a world of bad choices.  We will watch others make them.  And we will make them too.

The key thing to remember is that you cannot measure another person’s behaviour against your own.

Everyone is accountable for their own actions. The very best thing that we can do for someone is to love them.

  • Linda Prins   083 289 5915

We will be hosting a fellowship meeting in our home, 48 Helderberg Close, Stonehurst Mountain Estate, at 9 thirty am on the first Sunday of every month.

We invite you to join us and bring your young ones too!

ADVERTORIAL : Resident finds eSpring works wonders on Water

Attached, please find an image of the eSpring.

I am proud to announce that I am selling these water purification systems, known as the eSpring.


Why the eSpring?

 1. It makes water cleaner, clearer and better tasting.
2. The quality of water is better.
3. The NSF has tested and certified the eSpring, therefore proven performance.
4. Unique, advanced technology.
5. eSpring has been packed by years of research.
6. Greater convenience.
7. Less maintenance.
8. Greater value.


What are the benefits?

 1. Removes more than 140 contaminants, including lead and mercury.

2. Improves water taste, smell and clarity.

 3. Destroys more than 99.99% of disease-causing waterborne bacteria and viruses to further improve quality and safety.

 4. It holds up to 5000 liters of water, that’s enough water for a family of 6 and the cartridges only have to replaced on a yearly basis.


Need I say more?


If you would like to purchase one for your house, please Whatsapp me on 072 455 7169.

DISCLAIMER: Stonehurst Mountain Estate Owners Association does not specifically endorse any product or service and the contents of these articles may not reflect the views of the Estate, Trustees or Residents. These articles are for information purposes only. Anyone using information from these articles does so at their own risk

Join us to watch the Rugby…

Maintenance Manager – Chris Nel

Stonehurst Mountain Estate Owners Association would like to welcome Christopher J Nel as our new Maintenance Manager.

Chris, a local Southern Suburbs resident, has a long and illustrious history with the Navy, where he acquired a wide range of technical and logistical skills, including project management, instrumentation, construction, training, firefighting, first aid, and conflict resolution. Chris has also been involved in IT, as a business owner, and has extensive knowledge of computer systems and related technologies. Chris is married with two sons, is well-read and well-travelled.


Chris has been appointed to manage all maintenance aspects of the common property at Stonehurst Mountain Estate, including the Lifestyle Centre, under the direction of Estate Management and the Trustees. His responsibilities include general maintenance of estate assets, ensuring that the ground staff team attend to planned regular maintenance projects, as well as to address ad-hoc maintenance issues that arise from time to time. He will also assist the Estate Manager in the roll-out of planned CAPEX projects and the building management aspects of the Estate, ensuring compliance with the Architectural Design Manual and certain Estate regulations.

We are confident that Chris will utilise his full experience and knowledge to address all of Stonehurst’s current maintenance issues, as well as any maintenance challenges that may arise in the future.

We wish Chris all the best in his new position and look forward to working closely with him in order to ensure that the highest standards are met and maintained at Stonehurst, with a view to making our Estate among the top rated residential security Estates in the Western Cape, if not the country.



We request that should you wish to raise any maintenance issues which you believe require attention, that you do not contact Chris directly, but rather log a Helpdesk Ticket at http://helpdesk.stonehurstmountainestate.org/ or email helpdesk@stonehurstmountainestate.org – This will ensure that the matter is seen by the correct people and assigned accordingly, in order that it is dealt with properly and efficiently, to the benefit of all Members of the HOA.

Wine Tasting for Toy Run Charity


Exciting update! Jaguar Land Rover Constantiaberg has kindly offered to provide sponsorship for this event. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to see the newer models from the dealer ship ‘in the flesh’.

Jaguar Land Rover Constantiaberg will also be providing some branded give-aways and prizes that YOU can win!

If you use the promo code “JAGUAR” when booking you will receive a 30% discount (and only pay R70 / ticket!). So book NOW to avoid disappointment as sponsored tickets are limited

Click HERE to book http://qkt.io/TRWINE – its easy!

Join us for an evening of wine tasting a carefully chosen selection of wines by the African Day Wine Club, hosted by Malcolm Doyle-Davidson in collaboration with the Toy Run Cape Town to raise funds for this excellent cause – providing toys over the holidays to the needy children of the Western Cape –

A selection of cheese and other snacks will be served with your wine for your pleasure & enjoyment.

Whether you donate toys & gifts or funds, you immediately change the lives of children in need in homes, orphanages, places of safety and hospitals around the Western Cape – YOU can make the difference!

There will also be a small auction of a few items – including the giant Toy Run Teddy Bears, artworks, and wines & as well as a lucky draw

Limited to 100 tickets
If you have a table for 10 or more people, use the promo code “TRWINE” for a 10% discount

Thank you for your support


Toy Run Cape Town

2017 Toy Run Sponsors (If your company can help in partnering with the Toy Run, please contact sponsors@toyrun.co.za)

About the African Day Wine Club

African Day is a commercial wine club founded in 2002 for the sole purpose of sourcing good quality wines, many not generally available through traditional channels, for our customers. We look to make the best deal we can for the Wine farm, for you, the customer, and African Day. If we can keep these elements in balance and harmony, then everyone benefits and ultimately profits.

Maintaining industry leadership through Relationship-based pricing

Our guarantee is also simple: if for any reason the wine you receive is not to your liking or taste, then put the empty or opened bottle(s) back in the box and I’ll collect it and refund you. Also, with the exception of our “Sandy Bay” selections (self-explanatory, I hope), all our wines are labeled. We can, however, source unlabeled wine for you should you want to label it yourself for Fundraising or Special Gifts. In fact, allow us the opportunity to quote on any of your needs, including the design and labeling for the wine.

Quality first, then Value and Savings

Every month or so we put together 6 and 12 bottle packs of red and white wines. These selections are simply to afford you a sampling of wines that we believe will complement any occasion that calls for wine. However, you are not restricted to these wines; please feel free to create your own selection. Similarly if you don’t see certain wines on our list, then ask about them, and we’ll get back to you with a competitive price.

A last word about our wine selections – many of them have been in the Club since our beginnings 12 years ago. Just as we enjoy some extraordinary relationships with customers, so, too, do we have great love affairs with certain wines and wine estates. To change simply for the sake of change is shallow and fairly meaningless; we believe that quality and taste reign supreme, and that unless something better comes along we will remain with what we know, love and enjoy. And I know, from meeting every customer over the years, that many of you are delighted at being able to stock up on old favourites while also having the opportunity of trying something new. That in short is why we are still in business – because we enjoy doing what we do and because you, our customers, invest in keeping us going!

So, come share and enjoy the wonderful world that is wine and African Day,

Malcolm Doyle-Davidson

City of Cape Town Water Calculator

CALL TO ACTION! : OBJECT TO Electrical Depot : Rezoning Proposal Application Number 70268371

Dear Resident


A participatory democracy is meant to be one in which inputs from the people are taken seriously in the decision-making process.  Unfortunately, across Cape Town,  we see the City doing little to take all affected parties into consideration when pushing through developments.

Now we at Stonehurst – and in the surrounding community – are to be directly affected by the City’s plans for Erf 13372 Constantia at Westlake – otherwise known to the community as The Bee Farm.

In order to ensure our rights as citizens and ratepayers of the City of Cape Town are protected, we encourage you to lodge an objection to the proposed Subdivision and Rezoning of Erf 13372 Constantia READ HOW HERE 201708_RezoningErf13372_LetterToResidents

It is critical that each objection is lodged independently with the relevant authority, and that these appear to be unique objections (rather than grouped as one objection). To this end please read the attached information sheet carefully and action by lodging your personal objection. Email to comments_objections.southern@capetown.gov.za and copy in objections@stonehurstmountainestate.org

You can also give us the hard copy to lodge for you (please get it to us by the end of next week Friday 11 August 2017)


Amended Motivation Report 11 May

Amended Subdivision Plan 11 May

Re-ad notice to a person

Sketch plan of what the new intersection will actually look like, rather the applicants erroneous depiction

Amended objection from the HOA 2017_RezoningBeeFarm_ObjectionMotivation_Master

We also strongly encourage you to send this communication on to anyone you may know who lives in the area, or has reason or even just the interest to comment. This is not just about Stonehurst, but about the City pushing through developments against the will of the people. This proposal  is just one of many instances where the public participation process seems to be viewed by the City as a mere triviality, not to be taken seriously.  There has been no meaningful engagement regarding this project and the City appears hell bent on pushing through the development, just as it is trying to do in so many other areas.

We no longer live under the old apartheid regime, we live in a participatory democracy.  It is bad enough that we see the corruption we do in state leadership, now, it seems we face the same at a local level where our elected leaders are doing little, if anything, to protect our interests.

To change this we must to stand together to ensure the voices of the people and communities are heard!


Please lodge your objection before 14 August 2017.


For other information on this and related matters please see:






New Water Tariffs & Level 4 Restrictions – NB!

The Level 4 Water Restrictions and new tariffs have been introduced from 1 July 2017 by the City of Cape Town

Please carefully read the following two documents as these new tariffs and restrictions will impact your water account significantly if you do not reduce consumption accordingly.

L310 – Stonehurst. Water Tarriff Increases COCT July 2017. 22 June 2017(2)

CITY OF CT. Drought crisis Level 4 water restricitons. June 2017

Please also see the Stonehurst. WATER LEAK POLICY. 2017

Below is an excerpt from the tariff adjustment letter – please note in particular that there is no longer the 6kl of FREE water – you will be paying from the 1st litre!



We have teamed up with the DYNAMIC / VIBRANT Duke from the Gym. Send your kids out for a 90min of fun and exercise. Duke fitness will be running a holiday programme alongside the Fynbos Bistro where kids will be exposed/introduce to health and fitness through fun exercise games and activities.


Learning areas

  • Development cognitive and motor skills of kids
  • Strength and conditioning training with correct and safe techniques
  • Leadership skills development
  • Decision making skills
  • Teach the values of sportsmanship, team work and the importance of participation in sport

Dates and times: Age restrictions  5yrs to 14yrs  

First programme:           04 – 07 July 2017

Second programme:      11 – 14 July 2017

(For an additional R40 per child we can supply a healthy light meal – Sandwich / Juice and Fruit for your child enjoyed in the comfort of the Fynbos Bistro)

Cost/Fees                                               Times

1 Day:   R 100.00 per day                   Tuesday 10:30am – 12:00pm

2 Days:  R 90.00 per day                    Wednesday 10:30am – 12:00pm

3 Days:  R 80.00 per day                     Thursday 10:30am – 12:00pm

4 Days:  R 70.00 per day                     Friday 10:30am – 12:00pm


  • Action cricket    Indigenous games: King, Blikke 3
  • Water balloon tennis Hurdles jumps
  • Ladder drills Functional training
  • (All outdoor activities weather permitting / Subject to change without prior notice)

What Duke suggest you bring

  • Water bottle
  • Sweat towel
  • Training shoes
  • Extra dry T-shirt
  • Sun block/Sun screen (weather permitting)
  • A hat or cap



Energy Partners – Solar Energy Solutions already in use at Lifestyle Centre

Property 24 Article

We are in winter and temperatures are dropping. Make sure your electricity bill also stay low. Start with these cool tips on how to save this winter from @energypartners

High Tech Thinking

Did you know that the recent advances in energy-efficient technologies mean that it is becoming more accessible and affordable? Learn more on these developments and see how you can save & go green. http://bit.ly/2q5TSsR

Stonehurst Mountain Estate Installation

We care about the environment and our estate. Check out our Solar Installation at the lifestyle center. Remember that little things make a big difference. #GoGreen  #PowerYourself



New Swimming Instructors at Stonehurst Gym

New Swimming Instructors at Stonehurst Gym

I would like to introduce to you Azaria Payne and Joanne Du Plessis, who in addition to boasting years of experience, complement each other excellently as a team.

Azaria is a qualified pre-school teacher with 9 years of experience, and a further 4 years working as a swimming instructor. She has strong qualities of patience and diligence and prefers working with children, including babies, up until the age of 6 years. Her ideology is children should have fun learning in and out of the water and that will aide their progression.

Joanne is a swimming coach with 6 years of experience. Despite being a little more assertive and stricter, she is compassionate and children grow towards her kindness. Jo prefers working with children from the age of 6 and up, and aims to develop a child’s confidence and ability fast. Her preference is to do learn to swim stroke correction, along with squad a fitness training which is where her passion and experience lie.

Subsequently, Azaria is going to focus on individual Learn to Swim (LTS) lessons and beginner strokes of children up until age 6, as well as either group or individual baby classes. She also has the ability with those who have special needs, and enjoys helping children overcome their fear of water and swimming.

Joanne is going to focus on children older than 6, and those who already have basic stroke skills. She will be teaching individual LTS stroke correction, and in addition coach squads in the afternoon focussing on fitness and stroke correction. She is also happy to coach adult stroke correction, and fitness and strength training, ranging from general fitness to triathlon training either individually or as a squad.

For more information please e-mail info.aquatix@gmail.com or gym@stonehurstmountainestate.org

Jen Brunton – Physiotherapist – Important News

12 June 2017

From Jodi Barker (pictured above)

Dear All,

With regret I need to inform you that Jen Brunton [our resident physiotherapist at Stonehurst Gym] is in hospital having treatment for Leukeamia.  It has been a real shock to us all and happened so quickly – she was diagnosed last Wednesday and was admitted to hospital last Friday to begin treatment.

While it is a serious diagnosis – the doctors are confident that they have caught it early enough and believe that they can put it into remission and thus are treating her aggressively with Chemotherapy and at a later stage she will have a bone marrow transplant.  They have advised that she will be unable to work for approximately six months.

I am Jen’s sister in law and I have relocated to Cape Town from Johannesburg with my two little girls.  I had an Orthopaedic practice in Johannesburg for 14 years treating spinal, joint, sports and post-operative conditions. I will be helping to see some of Jen’s patients while she is having treatment.

One of my best physios that I employed in Johannesburg, is Jessie-Lou Workman and amazingly enough she has also relocated to Cape Town and has offered to help with Jen’s practice too.  Jessie is a passionate physio and also a pilates instructor.  She also loves rock climbing and soccer and yoga.  Jessie will mostly be working afternoons and I will mostly be working the mornings.

Between the two of us, we will be available to see you all both in Stonehurst and Newlands.  I know how much Jen values her practice and all of you special patients and we will do our best to provide you with the same excellent service and commitment that Jen has been able to do over the last two and a half years.

Jen will be receiving her treatment in Constantiaberg and will be treated in an infection control unit – this means that she is not able to receive flowers or foods as they are minimizing her exposure to germs and infection.  I know what Jen would value the most is your continued support of her practice so that when she is recovered she is able to pick up where she left off.

For appointments please send us a whatsapp or email.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best wishes

Jodi-Lee Barker                                                                             Jessie-Lou Workman

082 822 3016                                                                                  081 016 1818

jlbarkerphysio@gmail.com                                                             jes.workman@gmail.com