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New Water Tariffs & Level 4 Restrictions – NB!

The Level 4 Water Restrictions and new tariffs have been introduced from 1 July 2017 by the City of Cape Town

Please carefully read the following two documents as these new tariffs and restrictions will impact your water account significantly if you do not reduce consumption accordingly.

L310 – Stonehurst. Water Tarriff Increases COCT July 2017. 22 June 2017(2)

CITY OF CT. Drought crisis Level 4 water restricitons. June 2017

Please also see the Stonehurst. WATER LEAK POLICY. 2017

Below is an excerpt from the tariff adjustment letter – please note in particular that there is no longer the 6kl of FREE water – you will be paying from the 1st litre!



We have teamed up with the DYNAMIC / VIBRANT Duke from the Gym. Send your kids out for a 90min of fun and exercise. Duke fitness will be running a holiday programme alongside the Fynbos Bistro where kids will be exposed/introduce to health and fitness through fun exercise games and activities.


Learning areas

  • Development cognitive and motor skills of kids
  • Strength and conditioning training with correct and safe techniques
  • Leadership skills development
  • Decision making skills
  • Teach the values of sportsmanship, team work and the importance of participation in sport

Dates and times: Age restrictions  5yrs to 14yrs  

First programme:           04 – 07 July 2017

Second programme:      11 – 14 July 2017

(For an additional R40 per child we can supply a healthy light meal – Sandwich / Juice and Fruit for your child enjoyed in the comfort of the Fynbos Bistro)

Cost/Fees                                               Times

1 Day:   R 100.00 per day                   Tuesday 10:30am – 12:00pm

2 Days:  R 90.00 per day                    Wednesday 10:30am – 12:00pm

3 Days:  R 80.00 per day                     Thursday 10:30am – 12:00pm

4 Days:  R 70.00 per day                     Friday 10:30am – 12:00pm


  • Action cricket    Indigenous games: King, Blikke 3
  • Water balloon tennis Hurdles jumps
  • Ladder drills Functional training
  • (All outdoor activities weather permitting / Subject to change without prior notice)

What Duke suggest you bring

  • Water bottle
  • Sweat towel
  • Training shoes
  • Extra dry T-shirt
  • Sun block/Sun screen (weather permitting)
  • A hat or cap



Energy Partners – Solar Energy Solutions already in use at Lifestyle Centre

Property 24 Article

We are in winter and temperatures are dropping. Make sure your electricity bill also stay low. Start with these cool tips on how to save this winter from @energypartners

High Tech Thinking

Did you know that the recent advances in energy-efficient technologies mean that it is becoming more accessible and affordable? Learn more on these developments and see how you can save & go green. http://bit.ly/2q5TSsR

Stonehurst Mountain Estate Installation

We care about the environment and our estate. Check out our Solar Installation at the lifestyle center. Remember that little things make a big difference. #GoGreen  #PowerYourself



New Swimming Instructors at Stonehurst Gym

New Swimming Instructors at Stonehurst Gym

I would like to introduce to you Azaria Payne and Joanne Du Plessis, who in addition to boasting years of experience, complement each other excellently as a team.

Azaria is a qualified pre-school teacher with 9 years of experience, and a further 4 years working as a swimming instructor. She has strong qualities of patience and diligence and prefers working with children, including babies, up until the age of 6 years. Her ideology is children should have fun learning in and out of the water and that will aide their progression.

Joanne is a swimming coach with 6 years of experience. Despite being a little more assertive and stricter, she is compassionate and children grow towards her kindness. Jo prefers working with children from the age of 6 and up, and aims to develop a child’s confidence and ability fast. Her preference is to do learn to swim stroke correction, along with squad a fitness training which is where her passion and experience lie.

Subsequently, Azaria is going to focus on individual Learn to Swim (LTS) lessons and beginner strokes of children up until age 6, as well as either group or individual baby classes. She also has the ability with those who have special needs, and enjoys helping children overcome their fear of water and swimming.

Joanne is going to focus on children older than 6, and those who already have basic stroke skills. She will be teaching individual LTS stroke correction, and in addition coach squads in the afternoon focussing on fitness and stroke correction. She is also happy to coach adult stroke correction, and fitness and strength training, ranging from general fitness to triathlon training either individually or as a squad.

For more information please e-mail info.aquatix@gmail.com or gym@stonehurstmountainestate.org

Jen Brunton – Physiotherapist – Important News

12 June 2017

From Jodi Barker (pictured above)

Dear All,

With regret I need to inform you that Jen Brunton [our resident physiotherapist at Stonehurst Gym] is in hospital having treatment for Leukeamia.  It has been a real shock to us all and happened so quickly – she was diagnosed last Wednesday and was admitted to hospital last Friday to begin treatment.

While it is a serious diagnosis – the doctors are confident that they have caught it early enough and believe that they can put it into remission and thus are treating her aggressively with Chemotherapy and at a later stage she will have a bone marrow transplant.  They have advised that she will be unable to work for approximately six months.

I am Jen’s sister in law and I have relocated to Cape Town from Johannesburg with my two little girls.  I had an Orthopaedic practice in Johannesburg for 14 years treating spinal, joint, sports and post-operative conditions. I will be helping to see some of Jen’s patients while she is having treatment.

One of my best physios that I employed in Johannesburg, is Jessie-Lou Workman and amazingly enough she has also relocated to Cape Town and has offered to help with Jen’s practice too.  Jessie is a passionate physio and also a pilates instructor.  She also loves rock climbing and soccer and yoga.  Jessie will mostly be working afternoons and I will mostly be working the mornings.

Between the two of us, we will be available to see you all both in Stonehurst and Newlands.  I know how much Jen values her practice and all of you special patients and we will do our best to provide you with the same excellent service and commitment that Jen has been able to do over the last two and a half years.

Jen will be receiving her treatment in Constantiaberg and will be treated in an infection control unit – this means that she is not able to receive flowers or foods as they are minimizing her exposure to germs and infection.  I know what Jen would value the most is your continued support of her practice so that when she is recovered she is able to pick up where she left off.

For appointments please send us a whatsapp or email.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best wishes

Jodi-Lee Barker                                                                             Jessie-Lou Workman

082 822 3016                                                                                  081 016 1818

jlbarkerphysio@gmail.com                                                             jes.workman@gmail.com

From City of Cape Town – Reminder to Cut your water consumption

Dear Resident,
Cape Town’s overall dam levels are at the lowest level seen in recent years and the continuing drought crisis means that everyone needs to cut their water usage even further.

We urgently request that you:

  • only use municipal drinking water for drinking, cooking and essential washing
  • limit your usage to 100 litres per person per day

As of 1 February 2017, the City of Cape Town applied Level 3B water restrictions to help conserve the critically low municipal drinking water supply. Make sure that you are adhering to Level 3B water restrictions, looking for and fixing any water leaks on your property and saving water in your home.

The City’s Mayoral Committee has recommended that Council adopt more stringent Level 4 water restrictions. If approved, the new restrictions will come into effect on
1 June 2017.

The proposed Level 4 restrictions include:

  • No irrigation with municipal drinking water allowed at all
  • No washing of vehicles, trailers, caravans or boats with municipal drinking water allowed – use only non-potable water or waterless products
  • No topping up or filling of residential swimming pools permitted, either manually or automatically
  • Irrigation from boreholes or alternative water sources within 7 days of rainfall discouraged
  • All exemptions granted under Level 2 or Level 3 restrictions are revoked, and only certain re-application will be allowed
  • Higher water tariffs

Don’t wait for the new restrictions to come into effect – save water now! #thinkwater

Help us save water: report water issues (e.g. burst pipes or faulty meters) and restriction offences:


Customer Call Centre
0860 103 089

107 (Landline)
021 480 7700 (Mobile)

Copyright 2017 City of Cape Town. All rights reserved.
You received this message because you are a registered user on the City of Cape Town’s E-billing system.


Water Meter Telemetry Project – Be aware of your water usage LIVE!

This project is proposed to install telemetry to all the municipal water meters in the estate (335 in total eventually). This system provides live data, will be able to be viewed by residents and owners with tenant, and after the CAPEX expenditure, will cost the same as the meter readers service. The benefits are LIVE data , immediate leak detection (24 hour window – rather than only a month in arrears when one receives the account). It can also be utilised in leak detection of the Estate’s own infrastructure once the telemetry is put on the main meters

View the presentation >>> 20170524_PM_AMR_Presentation_GMC

Fibre To The Home – Where they are with the roll-out…

The Fibre To the Home (FTTH) roll out has been rather slower than hoped, and has had its challenges, with there being many more conduit blockages than originally anticipated by the Teralink team.

Here is a link to a document showing every property and what the connection status is:


You can click on the tabs to locate your property.

There has been some difficulty for the team to get access to homes at convenient times to residents, in order to do the link installation.

Residents are urgently requested to set up an appointment by emailing admin@stonehurstmountainestate.org to facilitate access.


Stonehurst Mountain Estate – Constitution

With the inclusion of the 2nd Development, there are changes being made to the Stonehurst Constitution in this regard

The lastest version can be found at this link : 20170314_Constitution

Some of the policies in the Code of Conduct are currently under review, but the original document can be found at this link : 201602_CodeofConduct

As owners and members of the Association, you should familiarise yourself with these regulations as these are intended to provide a framework for a pleasant community environment for all residents, and to protect your investment.

Please also ensure your tenants are familiar with the information.

Stonehurst MarketPlace – Custom-Built Furniture

Do you have a skill or craft that you would like to let our community know about?

Please email advert@stonehurstmountainestate.org


Water Crisis Information

The drought crisis in the Western Cape has reached a critical point. We need to adjust our behaviour as while we will eventually have the relief of rain, the trend is to water scarcity.

Below is an aggregate graph of dam levels over the past 5 years which clearly shows this trend. The full presentation from the City via the Ward 62 Councillor can be found here Water Shortage Presentation

Then the information below this graph indicates the Level 4 Water Restrictions, which are going to be implemented 1 June 2017 – Please note this applies to all properties on the Estate





















Own an SME? Here are three tax perks of going solar.

In South Africa, we realise the importance of nurturing SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises): They play a vital role in developing our growing economy, creating much-needed jobs and driving innovation. At the same time, as the proverbial small fish in the big pond, they face many challenges such as securing the funding they need, complying with all of the country’s legislative requirements and keeping head above water in competitive industries. It’s clear that SMEs need all the help they can get, especially when it comes to relieving some of the financial strains and stresses of running a business.

Many SMEs agree: Tax and money matters are two of their biggest business concerns.

Indeed, many SME owners toss and turn over money matters at night. Especially tax is a pebble in the shoe for many businesses, big and small. Not only is it tricky to navigate the world of tax (especially if you’re new to business), but it’s never easy to part with one’s hard-earned money.

That’s why it’s great news for SMEs that SARS offers business owners certain tax concessions for utilising renewable energy – specifically a special tax incentive for installing solar PV (photovoltaic) energy solutions.

Cala van der Westhuizen from Energy Partners, a renewable energy solutions supplier, explains that solar energy systems such as theirs hold tax perks for businesses from the get-go. “Financially it makes good sense for businesses to install a solar PV system as they can deduct the VAT portion which is already 14% of the total cost if they are VAT-registered,” he says.

The second big tax advantage, is that business owners can deduct the full cost of the installation of a solar energy solution from their business income tax in the first year, according to the terms of Section 12B of the Income Tax Act. This 100% accelerated capital allowance applies to business solar PV solutions that produce less than 1 megawatt of power.


Businesses can deduct the full cost of installing a solar PV system from their business income tax.

The picture shows a recent Energy Partners installation at Stonehurst Mountain Estate.

This means that SME owners, who require relatively small PV solar energy solutions to meet their energy needs, can effectively get a 28% discount on the price of their solar systems. Look at it this way: Business income tax is 28% in South Africa. The Section 12B incentive allows business owners to deduct the value of their new solar PV systems as a depreciation expense from their companies’ profits. In other words, their companies’ income tax liabilities will be decreased by the same value as the value of the solar PV systems they’ve installed. [1]

Government’s purpose with this allowance is to encourage the use of renewable energy in the business sector by for instance supporting smaller solar PV energy projects that have a low environmental impact and use little water. Which brings us to another tax benefit of installing solar PV: This year, government is introducing a carbon tax for businesses that emit excessive amounts of greenhouse gasses through especially transportation vehicles and electricity generation. As a low-carbon source of energy, solar power can help businesses to become greener and therefore avoid carbon tax.


Three tax benefits of going solar.

Considering South Africa receives as much as 2 500 hours of sunlight a year, solar PV is an extremely viable form of renewable energy in our country. And you don’t have to own a large commercial operation to benefit from it – SMEs will find it’s an affordable, simple-to-install renewable energy solution. Unlike some home or large commercial solar solutions, a solar solution for an SME doesn’t have to be complex or integrated. For example, an SME owner doesn’t need a large solar PV system, nor a battery system or heat pump, which are costly components particularly for homeowners.

The financial benefits of installing an efficient business solar solution go beyond tax concessions. With a state-of-the-art, efficient system from Energy Partners, SMEs can significantly cut their monthly electricity bills. According to Van der Westhuizen, one of Energy Partners’ SME clients utilised 4 400 kWh of solar power in January 2017 using a 22 kWp system and saved R10 000 on their electricity bill for that month.

An Energy Partners Solar PV Installation.

In fact, an Energy Partners SME solar solution can pay for itself with what the business saves on electricity. “The repayment term of a solar PV system for a commercial installation is close to around 4 years, depending on certain factors like self-consumption and the tariff structure. With solar panels that have a 25-year production warranty, it’s very much like buying 25 years’ prepaid electricity at 5 years’ cost,” Van der Westhuizen says.

He adds: “Energy Partners Home Solutions also offer various financing options for SMEs that don’t have the capex available to purchase the system outright. As a registered financial services provider, many of our clients purchase a system that is financed by us and which they can easily pay off out of the operational budgets of their businesses. In certain cases, we can even offer a Performance Lease Agreement, which allows for the installation of the system at a fraction of the cost.”

It’s clear that, if you’re an SME owner, you can’t afford not to consider a renewable energy solution that looks after the environment and your all-important cash flow. If you’re interested in putting the financial benefits of a solar PV solution to work in your business, contact Energy Partners for a free, no-obligation energy assessment. Visit www.poweryourself.co.za or call 0861 000 606.

 About Energy Partners Home Solutions

 Energy Partners Home Solutions (EPHS) offer clients holistic and innovative home energy solution guaranteed to realise significant savings on a household’s energy bills. In 2016, the organisation launched its ground breaking new product, the ICON Home Energy Hub. The first solar inverter and battery combination developed specifically for the South African residential market.

The ICON forms part of a full home energy solution, including Solar PV, Batteries, Heat Pumps and LED lights. By combining these technologies, Energy Partners (EPHS) is able to provide significantly better savings and financial returns than other solutions: a family sized home could save up to 70% of their electricity bill and earn more than 16% return on their investment – twice what a standard PV-only solution would provide. For more information visit: www.poweryourself.co.za

 About Energy Partners

Founded in 2008, Energy Partners is a leading energy solutions provider in South Africa that provides clients with innovative solutions (including fully outsourced supply contracts – e.g. steam generation) to suit their needs. Energy Partners has built a high quality team of talented individuals and robust processes which offer end-to-end solutions and integrate the different components of energy optimisation to deliver optimum results – including capital solutions that put clients in a positive cash flow positions from day one. Industries in which Energy Partners specialise include: food retail, retail, healthcare, hospitality, food processing and logistics. For more information visit www.energypartners.co.za

About PSG

PSG Group is an investment holding company consisting of underlying investments that operate across industries which include financial services, banking, private equity, agriculture and education. PSG Group has a market capitalisation in excess of R40bn, with our largest investment being a 30,7% interest in Capitec.

Additional group companies include Energy Partners, Impak, Curro and Capitec.