This Post has been sent in by Chris Brewer.

On Thursday morning I saw a domestic worker putting empty plastic milk bottles, cardboard cereal boxes and wine bottles into the council refuse bag and then into a wheelie bin ready for the council to come and take it to a landfill somewhere.

Why is recycling so difficult to understand? It requires absolutely minimal effort (apart from rinsing out food containers). All you have to do is keep two bins. In one bin you put the bottles, plastics, newspapers etc., and in the second you put used tea bags, scraps, egg shells etc. Then, on Tuesday you take all the recyclable stuff (in plastic bags provided) and put them outside your house. Those will be collected and be recycled. On Thursday you put out the black bags with all the “wet” garbage and the council will take it away – unless you’re really good and maintain a compost heap of your own!)

It’s as simple as that.

The lady I talked to about her empty milk bottles didn’t fully understand what I was saying, so it’s up to home owner/tenants to make sure these simple policies are put into practice.

It just makes sense – why are we putting plastic into the ground where it’ll take thousands of years to degrade? And we’re running out of space for landfills too!

The best part is that the company who collects our recyclable waste (i.e. Tuesdays) does not charge us for this service, it’s FREE.  He, of course does make a living out of doing this so we are doing GOOD at the same time ie, recycling and encouraging entrepreneurship.

My wife trained me to do it so I’m sure you’ll have no problem with the concept.

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