Recycling stats for May – What and How to Recycle

As you can see from the stats below, everyone seemed to make a concerted effort to recycle in April….but,what happened in MAY???  We went from 23% in April to 14% in May…..


We dropped to our lowest percentage for the year and unfortunately, therefore, our lowest rebate.  Our rebate dropped from R1 904 in April to R1 190 in May….. not a pretty sight, just as our precious environment will look if we all continue to ignore recycling.

As mentioned before, we, as residents PAY to have our recyclable waste removed in an EASY way.  If you missed the post on how this is done, please click HERE to see what happens.

Please note for future recycling:  The more clear plastic bags you fill, the more money we receive….Wasteman apparently calculate our rebate according to how many bags they collect.  So, please do not fill your bags to overflowing and then put boxes etc next to the bags.

This is the INCORRECT way to put your recyclable waste out


This is the CORRECT way to put your recycling out every MONDAY

Each home is allocated 8 bags per month so everyone should have more than enough bags to fill for the month.  Rather use TWO bags per week, it makes “cents”… 🙂

Recyclables-Clear bag



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