Self Defence, Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing at Stonehurst Gym

  Self Defence, Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing at Stonehurst Gym

From this month the Gym is offering a variety of classes ranging from Boxing to MMA, and Self Defence classes.  Besides the obvious physical benefits of the various martial arts style, it arguably could be considered a valuable life skill being able to defend yourself and being equipped with the knowledge of what to do in a potential dangerous situation.

One of the instructors we have sourced is a former fight champion, Michael Johnson.

For more information about Michael, please see below. And for further information or enquiries regarding his classes, please contact Michael directly on Mobile: +27 790880698 Email:


Class Schedule:

Tuesday: 10h00-13h00, 16h00-18h00

Thursday: 10h00-13h00, 16h00-17h00

Friday 10h00-13h00, 16h00-17h00

Saturday: 9h00-11h00

If you would like to arrange alternative times, please contact Mike directly.



Train with Mike:


A former PFC welterweight champion, Michael Johnson is passionate about sharing his knowledge of boxing and kickboxing. With 20 years of experience under his belt, he is perfectly equipped to help you challenge your body!


Join one of Mike’s exciting boxing classes or book a one-on-one pad session with the champ! Whatever your fitness goals – whether you want to learn how to fight or simply get in shape – Mike will help you achieve them.




Personal Bio and Career Achievements

Date of Birth: 3/06/1978

Age: 38

Natonality: South African

Languages: English, Zulu

  • PFC Welterweight Kickboxing Title – 2014
  • Trained the Cobras Cricket team with promoter/coach Steve Kalakoda – 2012
  • Trained two-time strike fighter SA Champion Pat Mafika – 2008 to 2009
  • Trained the Western Province Kickboxing Team for the SA Champs – 2005


Core Skills:

  • Beginner to Advanced Fighting Skills
  • Boxing Technique
  • Fitness
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Session Planning
  • Technical Skills
  • Fighting Preparation
  • Self Defence
  • Fight Review
  • Sparring
  • Total Program review


Contact details: Michael Johnson

Mobile: +27 790880698



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