Stonehurst Gym – Spring Launch Guest Speaker

Hello Residents

As part of our Spring Launch, we have asked a guest speaker to join us. Adrian Penzhorn is a Dietician and founder of Food for Sport and The Performance Kitchen. He will be giving us an informative talk on the following:

  1. Meal Prep
  2. Sportables – fueling with food
  3. Pre-event nutrition – why, how and when

Adrian will also be doing Personalised Nutrition and Bespoke Assessments. As an add on to personalising nutrition, he will have available Sweat Sodium Testing and a Fuel Test on the treadmill. After either test a personalised report will be developed.

The sweat sodium test is 15 minutes and provides the salt level of an individual’s sweat to ensure hydration strategies are in line with losses. This is a once off test, as knowing your salt needs will not change much through your life.

Fuel use during exercise is assessed on the treadmill through a submaximal test lasting 30-40 minutes. After a brief warm up the test will start at a walking pace and increase gradually every few minutes. We will highlight zones where the body burns it’s most fat and where carbohydrate use becomes more crucial.

The cost of these is R1150 each.

Should you require more information or wish to make a booking for either of the above tests for Saturday, email We look forward to having Adrian here, and hope you will join us to learn more about his field of expertise.

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