Stonehurst Security Notice

Dear Resident / Community of Stonehurst

The Board of Trustees have considered a variety of further measures, in addition to the security measures already in place, that could be employed to mitigate the instances of opportunistic theft and attempted intrusions to private homes that have taken place sporadically over the past few months at Stonehurst.

Many interesting and useful suggestions have also been made by residents, the Trustees, Security consultants and Management; such as the searching of vehicles, fingerprinting, ‘sting’ operations and the like. While many of these would indeed reduce the likelihood of theft opportunities, none are likely to be fail safe, some are loaded with potential liability for the Owners Association and a number are considered somewhat Draconian or unlawful.

The challenge of ensuring a reasonable level of security needs always to be balanced with the degree of inconvenience to residents and their guests, and some of the suggestions would seriously compromise the comfort and possibly even the dignity of visitors and residents.

The Board has therefore chosen to employ the following measures, as a starting point, to try to reduce the risk, with the minimum of inconvenience to law-abiding members of our community:

  • There will be mobile infra-red cameras deployed in strategic common areas, as well as private properties with the owners’ permission, to possibly pick up unauthorized activities at night. Privacy will not be compromised and no cameras will be allowed to view, or be on private property without that owner / residents’ permission. Based on the findings further investigations may be likely and possibly even culprits apprehended
  • A R20 000 reward is being offered by the Estate for verifiable information leading to the apprehension, successful prosecution and conviction of the perpetrator(s) of these opportunistic thefts
  • The Board wishes it noted that any apprehension or arrest of persons on the Estate, who are suspected of committing an unlawful act, will result in full prosecution, and such a charge brought against these perpetrators by the Owners’ Association will not be relaxed or mitigated for any reason.

The Board of Trustees feels that this approach should provide sufficient impetus to find the culprit, or at least reduce the possibility of further unlawful activity by said individual(s)

We therefore also respectfully request your support, to assist our Community to find and remove these nefarious individuals from our midst. Please circulate the above information to your entire household / staff in the case of service providers and contractors, to ensure that our entire community is appraised of these measures.

Please report any suspicious activity immediately to Security on 021 7024242 and feel free to copy a security helpdesk ticket to to ensure that Estate Management and the Trustees have sight of your concerns.

You are also welcome to report your concerns/ suspicions directly to any Trustee, and your anonymity can remain preserved.

Thank you
Glynis Coetzee
Estate Manager

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