Water leaks… What is it costing you?

20150920-WaterLightbulbWATER – LEAKS ON YOUR PROPERTY

The Estate unfortunately does not give rebates in the case of water leaks on private property resulting in high water bills. There are a number of reasons for this, as detailed in the WATER LEAK POLICY (Draft – download), and the responsibility remains with the owner to ensure their infrastructure is sound. If you have high water bills, out of the norm, there are basically only 4 reasons for a higher than normal account, i.e.
(a) incorrect reading
(b) leakages on the property
(c) own consumption or
(d) defective meter
To read more about how to detect, eliminate reasons and determine which of these could be causing your high bills, download the document HERE

Below is the current tariff structure for water for the City of Cape Town. This means, that if you use 34 kilo litres of water per month, you will pay approximately R1350 plus VAT ! If you want to estimate your own water bill, read your meter on the 10th of each month and calculate your consumption x the tariff below…SH-BoreholeWaterBilling-2015.xlsx


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