Welcome to the Stonehurst Post – it’s exciting, informative and FUN – it’s a BLOG for the Stonehurst Community!


Quite simply, a blog is a type of website that allows like-minded people to share news and discuss various topics.  This is done in the form of an online journal or diary arranged in chronological order with the most recent “post” at the top of the main page and older posts further down or categorized under various subjects.  A Blog is updated regularly and allows readers to leave comments on Posts.  


Blogs are written on virtually any subject from travel, food, photography to personal diaries, you name it, it’s out there.  Usually (but not always), Blogs are written on one topic.   Whole communities can spring up around a particular subject.

Stonehurst Mountain Estate has a whole host of community topics that we, as residents are interested in.  Our Blog will reflect these topics and in doing so, put people in contact with each other where they can be kept informed, share ideas, learn, make friends and have fun.

The Stonehurst Post is a newsy, light-hearted internal communication vehicle to inform, engage and energise the Stonehurst Community.  Residents can leave comments, and even share the posts on their facebook profiles.


In order to get the most out of this Blog, here are a couple of features which will assist you in getting to know your way around the website.

■  There is a Main Header at the top of the page with various self-explanatory      buttons
■  Below this is the content or Posts in chronological order.
■  On the right are various “blocks” ie there is one where you will see what is      happening on our Facebook page, another where new readers can Subscribe      to receive the Blog and a very important block listing our Categories.
■  No matter which page you click onto, the main header and left side blocks will      remain the same so that they are always easily accessible.
■  The most recent Post will appear first on the Home page.
■  Just under the title of the Post, you will see the date as well as the author of the      Post.
■  Next to this, it says “Comment”.   If you click on the “comment” link, it will take      you to a page where only that particular post is found.  As you scroll down the      post on that page you will see a little form where you can leave a comment,      feedback, critique, question, what you thought about the post etc.   We really      value these comments so please do take the time to give us feedback.
■  At the bottom of each Post, you will see a LIKE button, if you have a Facebook      profile, click on this to show that you have enjoyed the post.
■  You will also find a Share button here – clicking here will allow you to share this      post on your own Facebook profile, a great easy way to share what is happening      on the Estate.
■  If reading the Post on the Home page, another Comment link is also found at the      bottom of that post …… just in case you missed the top one and as another      reminder that we really do want to hear from you!
■  Categories – looking at the front page of this Blog, you might think that there is      not much to it (taking into account that it is new…and actually there is not that      much to it YET).  However, there is usually a lot more going on than what initially      meets the eye. 
■  As more and more posts are written, the older posts begin the journey down the      page until they disappear from it.  Where do they go???
■  Look to the right under Categories.  Each category is like a filing cabinet.  So, if      you click onto “Fun at the Lifestyle Centre” you will see older posts on that      topic with the most recent at the top and the oldest at the bottom.
■  We have uploaded some info into a few of the Categories to get things going.  So      take a chance, click and see what you can find!
■  At the very bottom of the page you will the word “Disclaimer” – kindly click on this      to read the Disclaimer.

So there you have it, our very own Blog!  We hope you find it informative and that it helps you to stay in touch with everything that is happening on the Estate.

Get those fingers ticking, we want to hear from you!  What do you think?  Do you like it? Will this be helpful?    Click on comments, let’s communicate!

PS Please do go and LIKE our Facebook page and feel free to share any content on your personal profiles

19 thoughts on “Welcome to the Stonehurst Post – it’s exciting, informative and FUN – it’s a BLOG for the Stonehurst Community!

    Some very interesting stuff here chaps – AND now I know what a “blog” is (which is a relief really because I’ve been writing one for several years!)

    Well done everyone!

    • Thank you Chris! Would you like to share your Blog with the rest of the Stonehurst residents? You are welcome to send me your website address right here in the comments and then we can see if you are doing it properly, the Blog that is! 🙂 Thanks for handing out the flyers this morning in the Close and Village – much appreciated.

  2. Well done guys on a great effort – especially big thanks and congratulations to Cynthia Simpson, Carmen Barkhuizen and Tiaan Theron for all your hard work – Stonehurst Post is a great blog.

  3. Congratulations Cynthia and all involved in setting up this wonderful Blog. Looking forward to reading the comments of our residents. What a great way of “meeting” fellow residents and keeping up with the latest Stonehurst news.

  4. Fabulous! great to see that Stonehurst has its finger on the pulse with a blog. Makes me proud to live here. Looking forward to keeping up with the news!

  5. Hi guys, thanks for an additional way to voice our opinion. As I am a regular swimmer I found out that hardly anybody is taking advantage of our great pool. I suggested already a couple of changes to make swimming more appealing after a couple of hick ups. The temperature is now dropped to the olympic norm of 26 degrees and makes for a pleasant swimming experience. I believe that we should also allow our kids younger than 12 years (excluding the nappy swimmer of course) to swim with their parent’s supervision. There are also filter systems which don’t involve chlorine or salt which might be helpful to better the swimming experience. Anybody with me? Cheers Peter

    • Hi Peter, thank you for your suggestions which we appreciate, I will also pass these onto Management and BodyExcel. It is great to know that you are taking advantage of our superb facilities.

  6. Thank you to everyone for this super blog. The dedication and hard work is very much appreciated! There are so many lovely photos and interesting posts – the Stonehurst Community is very grateful! Kind regards, Tarnya & Ron Fasol

  7. Thank you to Richard our security manager, for his amazing hero rescue work on Wednesday afternoon. Molly, our little schnauzer had gone missing on Monday evening. After searching the estate for hours we had decided she had been stolen. On Wednesday morning I went into the securuty office, begging for them to go through all the cctv footage to see if they could find anything suspicious! Richard had a feeling about the reservoir and decided to go and have a look for himself! Where all of us had failed , he heard a little noise. She was found down an old navy water pipe hidden by overgrown grass. She was in deep water and had spent 38 hours swimming for her life. Close to death she was rushed to the vet. Amazingly she is making a slow recovery and should be back to herself soon. The amazing will of animals!
    The pipe has been blocked and the estate managers and garden company are going to hunt for further dangers such as this on the estate!
    A huge thank to Richard and his team for going well above their call of duty! Beware, Richard has psychic powers! You are our hero!

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